Top 10 Best Helmets for E-Bikes

best helmet for ebike

As the popularity of e-bikes is increasing and its market is growing daily around the world, gear and accessories that are related to the hobby are also enjoying massive market boosts. One item that is becoming increasingly popular is the e-bike helmet. You should always wear a helmet while riding your electric bike. As you do research you’ll find that the market is flooded with many helmets aimed toward e-bike riders. If you are currently overwhelmed by all the choices then, congratulations! You just stumbled upon the perfect guide to help you shop for the best helmet for electric bikes!

People often say that any helmet which protects your head is a good helmet, but we don’t agree with that. Beyond just safety and protection, there are a few other factors that make a helmet a good choice for e-bike riders. As a rider, you must also consider comfort, style, and storage. 

Lucky for you, we have made a compilation of 10 best helmets for e-bikes in this review!

Want to Skip the Long Article?

If you don’t have much time on your hands or you don’t want to scroll through everything in this article, and all you want is a quick suggestion for the best helmet for an e-bike, then this section is for you! After analyzing countless helmet reviews from all levels of e-bike riders, we found that the Synthe Helmet by Giro may be the best e-bike helmet for you!

The Synthe Helmet by Giro is one amazing helmet model by Giro, a world-famous helmet brand. This light-weight helmet is accessible to many people by offering various sizes. The helmet also features wind tunnel vents and internal channeling to optimize ventilation. 

If The Synthe Helmet by Giro is not available, then our next best pick would be the Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet by Bell.


The Synthe Helmet by Giro
• Internal channeling ventilation
• 25 wind tunnel vent system
• In-Mold Polycarbonate shell

The Kask Protone Helmet
• 3D dry technology
• Coolmax padding
The Plixi Fit Foldable Bike Helmet by Overade • Vents system
• Lockable dividers
The Omni Smart Cycling E-bike Helmet by Coros • Automatic LED taillights
• Innovative bone condensing audio system
• SOS Alert System
The Giro Syntax MIPS Helmet• Special In-Mold technology
• MIPS system
The Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet by Thousand • 7-Vent Internal Channeling
• Vegan-Friendly Leather Straps
The Sena R1 Smart Unisex-Adult Cycling Helmet • GPS navigation
• Eco-leather Chin Strap
The Arx Plus Cycling Helmet by Scott• MIPS system
• Amazing sleek look
The Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet by Bell • Temperature regulation
• Reflective Self Decal
The Stratus MIPS Adult Bike by Bell • Internal Polycarbonate
• Flit float system

The Giro Synthe Helmet is one of the models created by a top bike helmet producers- Giro. And honestly, it is one of their best models ever! The helmet provides an amazing cooling effect and focuses on giving riders great comfort and  a stylish fit while riding. It’s everything an electric bike rider could ask for. 

The Synthe Helmet has an In-Mold Polycarbonate shell material with an impact foam system that gives maximum protection to its wearer. The helmet also features a unique, 25-wind tunnel vent system along with an internal channeling ventilation that keeps the rider cool during rides This helmet was simply made with optimal comfort of the rider in mind.

One buyer credited the helmet for saving their life during a bike accident. The helmet successfully protected their head when they hit the ground. Some buyers felt the helmet felt a bit heavy during long runs, however, they attested to enjoying the air flow and overall comfort. 

The Kask Protone Helmet is next on our list of best helmets for electric bikes. Specially built with well-tested wing tunnel aerodynamics that combine with its high-performance shell provides great ventilation to the rider.

The helmet features a micro-dial adjuster that allows it to fit perfectly into the shape of your head. The Kask Protone Helmet is a perfect combination of top-class ventilation, premium quality, and cutting edge sleekness.

The helmet is designed with large openings on top and around it to allow for maximum ventilation and minimum contact with the head. This product has a Coolmax padding in the interior, which is coupled with a 3D dry technology to provide maximum comfort to the rider while riding.

Buyers are generally happy with the safety level and sleekness of the helmet. They rave about the adjustable fit feature that allows a personalized fit to anyone wearing it. Several buyers claimed that this helmet saved their lives in crashes. Because of its perfect fit, the helmet never moved or slipped, providing maximum protection at top speeds.

The Plixi Fit Foldable Bike helmet is a helmet model by Overade that comes with lockable dividers and is designed to assure maximum comfort as well as safety for e-bike riders while providing sleek and smart outlook.

One amazing and unique feature of this helmet that  it is foldable. The foldable feature increases its portability and makes it easier for it to be carried around without much stress.

When folded, this helmet is reduced to one-third of its size and into an 8×5.4 × 6 inches accessory.

The helmet includes:

  • A 14-vent system for appropriate ventilation
  • Quality pads to assure maximum comfort and protection to the rider

On top of that, the helmet boasts a sleek design. This practical helmet also features removable accessories (which are sold separately) including a visor that protects the rider’s face from the sun and rain. 

Buyers arepleased with the foldable feature of the helmet and its safety level. Riders, especially in urban areas, love that they can easily store the helmet in the included carrying pouch and forget about it for the rest of the day. 

How about an e-bike helmet that is not just safe, comfortable and sleek, but is also smart? Yes! The Omni Smart Cycling E-bike Helmet by Coros is a smart helmet that:

  • Allows the rider to enjoy smart services such as an innovative  audio system that is designed to be open ear
  • Includes a smart remote that allows for easy control of the helmet’s feature
  • Connects with other smart devices such as mobile phones
  • Includes automatic LED taillights that help to improve your visibility while riding, especially at night.

With this helmet, safety and comfort are the topmost priority and you are sure to get it! This light-weight helmet features an open-ear audio technology that delivers audio through your cheekbones. This amazing features gives riders the opportunity to listen to music or take a phone call while maintaining awareness around them. 

This helmet is the perfect solutions for solo riders. The helmet has auto-activated LED lights based on the lighting conditions. It also has a SOS Emergency Alert feature that will automatically contact the rider’s list of emergency contacts in case of a fall or impact. Finally, this helmet was designed for long distance rides with an 8-hour battery life.  

Buyers love this smart helmet for many reasons. The cheekbone audio feature is unlike any other and is effective during long rides. Buyers are pleased with the easy use of this helmet and the ability to control music through the handlebar remote. Even more, buyers feel safer during their rides because of the SOS alert system that contacts their emergency contacts.

The Giro helmet brand has built a reputation for being a leader in the helmet industry, as well as for constantly producing and introducing top quality bike helmets to the market. No wonder they are now one of the most popular brands for electric bike owners.

Just like many other models from the brand, the Syntax MIPS Helmet is another amazing helmet technology that uniquely combines high-performance features with appropriate doses of sleekness and just about the right touch of the European flair!

All these features have been perfectly and graciously tucked into  portable design that provides comfort and maximum security to e-bike riders. The helmet’s outer shell is designed with a tough polycarbonate which has been permanently fused to an EPS foam liner with the aid of special In-Mold technology, such that it offers maximum security and optimal comfort simultaneously. It also comes with a MIPS system to make the experience even better!

Buyers testify that the helmet offers great value for its price. Some buyers warn that the sizing runs small, however the helmet is worth it due to its comfort and ability to provide ventilation. 

How about an e-bike helmet that takes you back in the days and reminds you of those good vintage years? This is exactly what the Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet by Thousand is about. The helmet is inspired by the old vintage look and it is specifically modeled to reflect the era. But it does not just stop here, the helmet also embodies several amazing features to make it easily one of the best helmets in the market today.

This helmet features vegan-friendly leather straps so that even vegans can rock it without having to worry about animal cruelty or the environment. This environmentally-friendly brand has partnered with 1% For the Planet to ensure their products, and materials used, align with their beliefs to save the planet. 

The helmet comes with 7 vents to allow for maximum comfort, and above all, it comes with an amazing anti-theft guarantee to assure you of its security. Their PopLock technology allows riders to conveniently lock the helmet with their electric bike. This feature is great for daily commuters. 

Some buyers noted that there are limited available helmet sizes, but they are generally happy the helmet overall. Some buyers with the anti-theft feature, which makes it easier to store the helmet. Many buyers who were involved in bike crashes credited this helmet for saving their lives. 

On top of that, Thousand delivers exceptional customer service and each helmet is backed by their anti-theft and accident replacement guarantees. That means, if a bike helmet is stolen while locked up or a rider gets into an accident and damages their helmet, the company will replace the helmet for free. 

The second smart helmet in this list, the Sena R1 Smart Unisex-Adult Cycling Helmet totally deserves a spot in here. The helmet is a perfect blend of traditional helmet construction and cutting-edge technology. 

The helmet features:

  • An advanced noise-control technology
  • Built-in speakers
  • A microphone to help you communicate with fellow riders in cases of group cycling.

The technology also allows you to listen to music while riding, plus it helps you to perform other smart functions like GPS navigation, phone call receipts, and connection to other smart devices. The helmet is built to be comfortable on your head while riding, with its inner padding and leather chin strap.

Buyers often complain about having issues with its sizes and the positioning of its adjustment knob. However, they are happy about the fusion of great technology and an amazing bike helmet.

Safety and comfort can never look better than this sleek helmet model from Scott. According to the quite popular helmet brand, the model as a beautiful blend of lessons learned from experiences with all previous helmet models they have produced in the past.

The helmet model is an all-rounder sleek and comfortable helmet that is sure to guarantee e-bike riders the maximum value for their money. It features a MIPS system, a reflective self-decal, and enhanced ventilation. This helmet is designed for both racers and common bike riders alike.

Buyers are quite happy with this helmet. Many boast that it is comfortable, light-weight, and easy to wear. This is the perfect helmet for efficient, no-nonsense electric bike riders. 

Having gone into deep research and evaluation of helmet fitness, aerodynamics, and overall helmet comfort, Bell has invested their research results in building this unique technology helmet. The Z20 MIPS is built with a special goal of optimizing impact performance using a multi-density foam system while simultaneously offering an overall portable shape, and much more beautiful design.

This helmet provides maximum comfort and ventilation through their well-designed vent openings and sweat guide. The sweat guide is a pad that is designed to pull moisture away from the brow and keep the eye dry. This helmet can also regulate temperature and keep the rider cool. 

This product comes in various sizes to ensure it can properly fit on any size head. The shell is lined with EPS foam resulting in a sturdy, protective shape. 

Buyers are really happy with the helmets weather regulating feature, and they are glad about its great fitting capacity too.

The Stratus MIPS Adult Bike is another great helmet model for e-bikes from Bell, a popular helmet brand and a top leader in the industry. True to their reputation for always building helmets with cutting-edge technology, Bell has done a great job on this helmet model which can best be described as the right mixture of quality, compactness, comfort, safety, and ventilation.

This helmet features an internal polycarbonate that is designed to be lightweight, a MIPS system, a highly effective sweat guide, and a float fit. It has a slip-plane technology that reduces rotational forces caused by impact from accidents. 

The helmet also was a sweat guide and overbrow ventilation to keep riders cool. The sweat guide keeps the rider’s eyes dry. 

Buyers testify to its “perfect ventilation system”. However, some reviewers complain that it is a bit too heavy. 

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Helmet for an Electric Bike

Every electric bike owner needs to have a helmet that can keep them safe during their rides. With so many helmets on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. It can be confusing to read about the different features and understand what are necessities for an effective helmet. 

As a e-bike owner, there are several features to consider when purchasing a helmet:

Buying Feature #1: Brain Protection

The number one reason people wear helmets is to assure safety during accidental falls or collisions. When considering any helmet, consider what safety features are included. Think about how a particular helmet can save you if you fall or get into an accident. 

When researching different helmets, look for keywords such as:

Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is a technology that protects the brain against rotational violence caused by angled impacts. A helmet with MIPS is constructed with 2 layers that absorb linear and rotational impacts. This system was created in Sweden in 1995. Today, MIPS is included in all kinds of helmets, from bike helmets to snowboarding and motor-cross helmets. A good quality helmet should always include MIPS to keep the rider safe. 

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam is another technology that will protect your brain during a bike ride. EPS is a durable, light-weight foam that is commonly used in helmets, sports pads, and car seats. EPS foam has a great ability to absorb impact and redeliver the energy when it bounces back. When considering purchasing a helmet for e-bikes, look for the EPS term in the description. 

Above any other feature for helmets, the ability to protect the rider’s head is most important. This should be the most important consideration when purchasing a helmet for riding your electric bike.

Buying Feature #2: Ventilation

If a helmet is not comfortable, a rider may choose to not wear one. A rider is not protected if a helmet causes overheating. 

Another important feature any good helmet should have is a ventilation system to keep your head cool. A good ventilation system will provide airflow around your head while you’re riding. This results in riders experience less sweat and discomfort while they are going high speeds. 

When considering a helmet, look for any description of a sweat guide or sweat pads that block sweat from dripping onto the eyebrow. A well-designed helmet should include a proper sweat guide system that moves sweat away from the eyes. 

Buying Feature #3: Portability

A well-designed helmet should be light-weight and easy to store. Helmets are not efficient to a bike rider if they are heavy. When deciding on a helmet, look for anything in the description that mentioned lightweight material. A heavy helmet will make the rider hot. 

As far as portability, also consider how you can store the helmet. Some helmets fold up so they are smaller and easier to carry. Others offer features that allow it to be locked along with the bike. Nevertheless, consider how portable a helmet is prior to purchasing it. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to shop for an e-bike helmet but did not know which to choose, we are sure that you have better ideas now as we have selected the top 10 best e-bike helmets in the market now to help ease up your decision-making process.

Best Helmets for Ebikes

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